Why You Need an Artist (City Builders)


 You need to rebuild your  city after a disaster.

Artists can use materials that you consider trash.  Artists are masters of recycling.  As a result they help clean up the space.

Artists are resourceful and creative; they can do a lot with limited funds and can make a small budget feel bigger.

Example:  Artists create parks and community meeting places by recycling old concrete found from destroyed sidewalks and roads. With proper placement the concrete can look like expensive landscaping.



Your city needs to be revitalized.

Your city needs to expand or create economic growth.

 Artists are catalysts for connecting people.  They know their neighbors and are a good source for information.  Interview an artist if you want to know the pulse of your community.

Artists can inspire a natural psyche to rebuild, gather and communicate.

Example: Every city has an office with the words Economic Development somewhere in the name.  They pay a lot of money to create surveys to find out what direction the revitalization vision should go.  The survey plays an important role in providing the big picture.  The city and consulting company would take months to years off the research challenge if they were to hire an artist to aid in contacting the public.  Think about it. Artists connect with the public every day.  If they didn’t they would not be able to make a living as an artist.



Your city is challenged because there is a sense of mistrust between the public and city officials.

 Artists can think outside a paradigm and can cut through the politics and create open and productive connections with the public.

Example: City hires artists to create a series of artwork that includes all parts of the city.  People at all levels work together to create artful cross walks, making safer streets and creating a valuable connection between officials and communities.



You want to promote your city. 

Artists can create events that make connections with your community or audience.

Example: Artists create a lantern parade.  They work with the community to create lanterns from paper, fabric and other found objects.  The parade becomes a year-round promoted event bringing tourists from everywhere.



                Your city doesn’t have any money for large projects, but you do have some money for marketing.

 Artists can use your small budget and get big results.  Think about it, you can use your marketing budget on a newspaper ad.  A newspaper has a 50% chance of someone reading it, but a 100% chance of it being thrown away.

You could buy a billboard ad which people pass at 70 miles an hour.  Honestly, when was the last time a billboard inspired you to do anything?

Example: Artists create a geocaching program.  The city hires artists to create special works of art.  They are dispersed throughout the region.  The program brings thousands of people to the area. They stay in the local hotels and eat at the restaurants.



                Your city wants to promote or educate the public about something.

 Artists are gifted at understanding your audience.  They make a living connecting and selling art to the same community or population you want to connect with.

Example: Artists create fun signage for the city transportation system (subway or buses.)




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