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Become a COMMUNITY BUILDING Company or Organization by supporting regional and national artist.  The Vendi Art gallery makes it possible out reach to artist and communities to create a personnel connection, while engaging the public with your message or brand.  

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1. Your Name on Sticker (Sponsorship Program Banner)– The sponsorship program is a meaningful and effective way for businesses to increase their visibility.  Your company name and message will be printed on the top banner of the sticker.  Your sponsorship will help support Vendi Art program and make it possible for artists to take part for free. Sticker banner cost: $250 per 1,000 stickers or $75 per 250 stickers

2. Vending Machine at your Location (Art Advocate Machine Steward)– The stewardship program is an effective way of establishing, making and maintaining a place.   The machines are mapped, making it easy for the public to find them and collect the artwork.  By being a steward, your business, event or city becomes an arts advocate, demonstrating your support for the arts and your community.  When you join the stewardship program, you join a family of artists, sponsors and stewards. Establish a place within your property where the machine can be installed.  It must be indoors and safe from theft.  Stewardship includes:  Working with artist and managing artwork,  maintenance and upkeep of machine, creating and installing sticker refills, as well as a custom social media campaign and webpage to promote your business and/or event. Delivery fee apply.   $65. per month

3. Help and Promote an Artist (Benefactor Program)– The benefactor program is designed to pay an artist to create a unique body of work for the Vendi Art machine. There are two levels, one creates a series of art that would be printed and the other would create original artwork.  We will help match you up to an artist that shares your vision.

  • The Benefactor Artist Series pays $50 for an artist to create a series of 10 works that are turned into stickers or transfers.  Each piece is printed 10 times to create a series of 100 limited editions.  (one time) $50.
  • The Benefactor Original Works pays $100 for an artist to create 30 original works of art. The artist is featured with their artwork displayed in the front showcase window along with a small bio.  (one time) $100.

4. Custom Branding– This program can be personalized to meet your company or organizations needs.  Services include, Custom paint with branding, Flyer box, Flyer designed and printed, Website to promote business and machine. (Website also is a collection point for new art by artist), Custom stickers.  Call to get price quote.

5. Install Vending Machine with Art by Deborah– If you would like me to install a machine that simply has my art in it they are available.  I create original handmade artworks, most of the time the artwork is inspired by the place it is installed. No two artworks alike. There are a limited number of these machines in service and you may have to be on a waiting list.  Delivery fee may apply. Call to get price quote.


What happens to the money in the machine?  If the machine is sponsored by a stewardship agreement the money is donated to a non-profit.  The non-profit partnership is identified and establishes as part of the original set up.  If the machine has only art by Deborah Landry installed, Engaging arts revives the money earned by the art sold.  There is a lot of labor that goes into managing  the program and that is why Vendi Art  can’t rely on 50 cent art purchases to stay a float.




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