Vendi Art-Placemaking by Deborah Landry

Vendi Folder title

The Vendi Art Machine is designed to be a first step in place making.  By identifying your local artist you are identifying  one of  major asset and primary building block for designing  a sustainable community.    It  facilitates in defining  unique public spaces and starts a public dialog, to craft a vision for the future.  It  inspires people to create art and re-image their community.

Vendi Art Machine helps  build a  connection between people and the places they share. It showcases the diversity and talent of the local artist.   By using art as the communication tool Vendi Art becomes the bridge between the city developers and the community.

Once the machine is installed it becomes a Vendi Art Spot, which is mapped and assigned a CR-Code where added marketing and promotional material is featured.  The maps can be designed to showcase a city or region.  They are custom-made to meet the needs and vision of the client.  The CR-Code is provided as a short cut and direct way to direct the public to more information addressing official information like city plans,  progress reports, or fun communities stories, videos, and social media engagement.

Each Client is given a web page listing all the participating art as well as their contact information and links to their website.

Obtaining the regional art is built into the Vendi Art Program.  We will custom design a call to artist that will allow artist to apply and upload images of their art work on line.  The information gathered will be neatly organized as part of the webpage as well as be used in the vending machine to identify the art and artist.

IMG_0133 - Copy 72dpi

Vendi Art Gallery Machine created for Artspace

The Vendi Art Spot Promotes local artist as well as promotes Artspace, The leading developer in creating spaces for artist to live and work.  Visit the website for Artspace’s Vendi Project.  You can read about Artspace as well as submit artwork.




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