Support Pollinators

Support Pollinators –A Vendi  Art by Deborah Landry

Vending Machine Butterfly

Birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals that pollinate plants are responsible for bringing us one out of every three bites of food. They also sustain our ecosystems and produce our natural resources by helping plants reproduce. Without the actions of pollinators agricultural economies, our food supply, and surrounding landscapes would collapse.

“Bees and Butterflies” is a Vendi  Art Gallery Project designed to Bring awareness to the public about pollinators.  They are endangered by many environmental factors but there are a few things people can do to help.  The easiest way to help is to plant habitats.  Selecting Plants Book


Pollinator Week takes place June 15 – 21, 2015


Pollinator Poster copy 72dpi 10x6


















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