Street Banners

Deborah received a Vibrant Communities Grant to work with the Boys and Girls Club in Dallas GA.  The students learned how art can play an important part in revitalizing a city.  In the class they learned about the inner workings of what makes a city.  The students toured the historic district to see the changes.   They learned why the streets were narrowed and sidewalks widened.

The students were asked to create artwork that expressed the skills, talents and passions they bring to the city.  Below you can see some of the artwork created.  The art was transformed and printed into vinyl banners that were hung on the historic streets of Dallas GA.  The banners will be installed in April 2017 during Cities Week, more photos will be added later.

Project Description: “What We Bring”  The students of the Dallas Boys and Girls Club learned how a city revitalize its self through city planning and changes in infrastructure.  They learned what a city does for them and then they were asked what do they bring to the city.  We began sketching  out all the things they do.  After the drawing session I looked at all the drawings to make notes of what things were similar and what stood out as different.  One of the students,  Nigel Mc Elroy created a drawing of a silhouette of a head with all kinds of things inside it.   His drawing inspired the format for all the artwork.  The students were asked to find a silhouette of something special they bring to the city and then fill it with words and objects that expands the story.  The design concept and drawings are a direct reflection of the work we did as a team.  As the lead artist on the project I facilitated the lessons and guided the students how to use the art materials.  I photographed the original artwork and touched up words for readability, added some color and background.  The artwork was left untouched.


Students who made art for banners

Nigel McElroy

Perry Gilbert

Amani Howard

Hannah Allen

Jalyn Williams

Kala Shumpert

Skyla Blond

Jonalyn Barcon

Malik Walker

Jastacia Whitaker


Art work created by students at Dallas GA Boys and Girls club.




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