Pedal Up Gallery with Vendi Art Spot- Proposal

Proposal for the Atlanta Cycling Festival.  The festival is a week long, all around bicycling from Saturday, June 13th – Saturday, June 20th, 2015.

I propose to create a ‘Pedal Up Gallery’ and install it at the Cycling Festival.  Festival goers would be able ride up to the gallery and purchase artwork and cycling mementos.

The ‘Pedal Up Gallery’ will be a collection of customized vending machines designed to promote cycling and the city of Atlanta, by featuring GA and Atlanta artist.  The ‘Pedal Up Gallery’ will create a place of inclusion, where everyone can engage and participate in the event whether they have a bike or not.

These mini-art galleries will be colorful and attractive and will create a place for people to slowdown and socialize.  This will help foster a human connections between the event and city. It would also act as a foundation for community building.

It is widely known that art can help revitalize a city. However, often it is treated as a method of exclusion, either by the cost associated to it or by the complexity of the way it is presented.  The vending gallery machines will be able to break through the conventional perspective of viewing an art.  It would make art accessible to all by putting it on the streets, while it figuratively would make art accessible by removing the mystery and introducing the public to artist at a grass-root level.

By having the ‘Pedal Up Gallery’ featuring artists from both Georgia and Atlanta, it would help the artists and their art reach beyond the boundaries of the city and be able to engage with the whole state.

My first measure of success would be to see art collected and traded on the streets and leaning about artist in their community. After the festival, I would be on a task to find a permanent home for these mini-vending gallery machines somewhere in the city and that would be my second measure. of success.




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