Partner with the Arts and Create Vibrant Communities

Create Vibrant Community and Attract Vibrant Employees
When you partner to support local theater, music, museums, dance and public art, you help to make your community more attractive to current and future employees. Happier employees make for a happier workplace. But you knew that already, naturally. (Americans for the Arts)
 It is a circle of life thing- When you create vibrant communities it attracts it attracts vibrant people and in turn  it attracts more companies.  Companies want to go where the people are.  they want to know they are going to find the employs they need to support their vision and insure they are happy so they will stick around.
Partnering with the arts should be the foundation of all city development. And every company should seek to support arts as a core value in the vision of their success.  The arts is a key component to vibrant places.



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