Attend Project Workshop– This is the easiest way to participate.  The project workshops are free to the public and are funded by grants or sponsors.  Participants create small parts that are incorporated into a larger work of art.    Every project is design to be site specific, the location and the public is considered in the design process.  The project could involve working in clay to create a tile,  paint a picture or write a message.  The description and dates of each workshops will be listed under workshops. Just show up to participate

PARTake – PArtake is web-based public engagement projects.  They can be an extension of a public art project in progress or a separate project all together.  Many project need a large collection of data or images to make the project possible.  The PARTake process make it possible for anyone to participate no matter what there location is.  Simply go to the PARTake page and find a project that interest you and enter.  These are all free.


Be an Art Assistant This can be paid position or not paid.  Each project is designed with paid assistance positions.  In order to get a paid position you first have to participate in a project with no pay to receive training.  The projects are complex with multiple parts and objectives.

Be a  Mentee– The mentor program is custom designed to fit the needs of the Mentee.  The mentee may assist in building a project or write a proposal.  Some times this can be a paid position but only if the funding is provided. It can also be designed to receive college credits. This a real working position.  You will experience what it means to be a “working artist”. The position will consist of research, building, and writing. If you are looking for training on “How to become a public artist?” look under finding help for consulting services.






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