Movie – Together We Make a River



 Together We Make A River  – Drawings were created by the public to tell a story of birds, butterflies and other flying things coming together to making a river.  Each drawing is photographed with a blue satin ribbon (The ribbon representing water).  With each flying thing’s ribbon combined create the Sweet Water river in Georgia.
Together We Make A River is a collaborative community based movie.  I first held workshops where the public was invited to create drawings on vellum.  The public was instructed to draw something that flies.  I layered each drawing with backgrounds that I created and photographed them individually.  Once they were photographed, I put it to music and created a movie.  This movie has been greatly edit to be view-able on the website.  The  original movie was shown at the Carrollton’s Mecca Art Fest.
Cluttered Mind to Fluttered Mind  is the second movie in the project. I will edit and publish this soon.




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