Instructions Decals and Transfers

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING Lazertran-Waterslide Decal and Transfer 

WATER BASED ADHESIVE METHOD. FOR PAPER OR CANVAS. 1. Stretch your paper or canvas over a flat board. Prime canvas with acrylic primer and for paper, seal with clear acrylic medium to avoid cockling and increase mobility of the transfer. Watered down P.V.A. may be used instead of acrylic. Note. Acrylic can be any good quality flexible medium, Liquitex, Spectrum, etc. 2. Trim your image to size and lower, into clean water. The paper will roll up. Allow to soak for a minute or so until the transfer releases. . 3. Apply a fresh coat of acrylic to the area you wish to fix the image, with a shorthaired roller. 4. .Lay the Lazertran onto the wet acrylic. Position and slide out backing sheet from under the transfer. Now squeegee out any bubbles. 5. Allow to dry flat overnight. Matt Acrylic can then be applied to give a flat finish. To apply over oil paint see Fixing with pure turpentine.

PURE TURPENTINE METHOD. TO FIX LAZERTRAN TO PAPER, WOOD, WAX, STONE, PLASTER, LEATHER, PVC, AND DIFFICULT SURFACES WITHOUT ACRYLIC. 1.Trim your image to size and lower, wide edge first, into clean water. Allow to soak for a minute or so then pat off any excess water. 2. Soak your receiving surface with pure turpentine and slide the transfer onto the surface. 3. With a soft brush paint a little turpentine onto the surface of the transfer. Not too much or the transfer will break up. Leave to dry for several hours. 4. For putting over existing oil paint, wipe the painting or brush over with pure turpentine. Then lay transfer onto the surface. If too much turpentine is used the image will break up. Always lay flat till dry. n.b. Turps substitute or white spirit will not work




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