Health Advocacy

Health Advocacy

Making art on the fly.  We were Invited to attended local health care fair provided by the county for its employees.

With the attendees help we developed a work of art for each location that would be permanently installed at the end of the fair.  Most of the art work was installed in the break rooms and public foyers.

The attendees were asked to stop at my booth to create a quote, message, well wish or story of impact about health.  Their quote was incorporated on the spot to the canvas.  If fair fell on a month that had a health awareness subject I used that as a primary message, such as, October is Breast Cancer Awareness.  The overall message we communicated during the attendees visit to help create the artwork was the idea of prevention and awareness.  I taught each visitor a little about the art process and listened to their health concerns and directed them to a resource that is available at the fair.  In some cases just listen to a story that wanted to tell.

Our project goal was to give the public a opportunity to contribute to a collaborative work of art.  The project provided a slow down factor to the health fair and allowed attendees to mingle with information providers and fellow workers.

IMG_1451 4x6 73dpi IMG_1443 3x4 72dpi

The painting created was 22″x36″ and each one was different.




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