Gallery – Thread Paints and Prints

This body of work is inspired by the small needle works we treasure, pass down to family, only to be put in a box and stored for the next generation.  I like to think that I am making these things contemporary and in turn timeless.  Freeing  them from the dust and allowing them to be seen and appreciated once again.  I do not consider this up-cycling, because in most cases the fiber objects, I create or find are filled with paint or ink and turn into a paint brush.  Some would say I ruin the objects, but I like to think I give the objects a voice.  They are screaming “let me out of the box”.  I free them and give them paint so that they can tell us new stories, in paint.


The painting and prints were created using a verity of methods and mediums.  Some are on handmade paper using colored pulp as the paint, making the painting nothing put paper its self.  Some of the paintings are created with encaustic (wax) paints.




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