Fall and Winter Workshops

Encaustics- Everything Wax

4 sessions a month (Sept-Dec)

Every Wednesday night 6-8:30 pm

Supplies include Encaustic tools, brushes, beeswax and paints, aprons and wood panels up to 10″x 10″  Larger panels will be available to purchase.

This class is designed to be additive and can be stopped and started any time.  Each session will begin with a 30 min lesson exploring new techniques and ways to create artful expressions.   Encaustics is an extremely versatile medium.  It lends itself well to collage images and embedding objects, similar to scrap booking. It can be layered and carved like sculpture.  It is a perfect medium for those with no art background as well as masters.  You will learn to create transparent layers, embed images, draw, and Enhance textures with oil paint washes and rubs. You will learn to use hot knives, irons, and heat guns to manipulate the wax. Cool down and clean up will be the last 15min. of class.   Monthly rate $150.00  or Per Session rate $45.00

Encaustic- Day of Wax

Weekend Nov 19-20 10-3

This will be an intensive class.  The class will cove all aspects of layering both photographed materials and scraps.  It will cover creating textural surface and using hot and cool tools as well as stamps and stencils.  You will make several small practices on the first day and the second day will be concentrated in completing frame-able artwork.  Bring any bit and pieces for inspiration.  All printed images should be done by a laser printer.  Bring images on thumb drive and print in studio.  All materials and lunch will be provided.  Cost 150.00

Step-by Step / Glass- by-Glass

Friday Night Oct 14, 7-9:30pm

Friends, wine, music, art and food.  Need I say more

Monthly Encaustic- Paint with heat

From start to finish learn to paint and layer colorful wax to make art that is uniquely  yours in a relaxing and very social environment.  You will create touchable layers of wax with gorgeous bursts, blooms and swishes of color ,inspired by landscapes and water.   By the end of the 2 1/2 hour session you will take away a finished piece of art ready to hang in your home.  Bring along your friends and wine, and I will provide handcrafted snacks. Cool down and clean up will be the last 15 min. of class. If you can’t make it to this one try November or Decembers class listed below.  cost $65.00

November and December

Step-by Step / Glass- by-Glass

Friday Night Nov 18, 7-9:30pm

Step-by Step / Glass- by-Glass

Friday Night Dec 16, 7-9:30pm

Fun with botanicals

October 15 10am-2pm

We will collect plants from my gardens and to press.  This will be just the beginning.  We will also do Eco Printing by layering plants between cotton paper and fabric and steam the leave beautiful colorful impressions.  The pressed botanicals can be used in future paper making  and encaustic workshops or your own scrap booking and artwork projects.  All materials and lunch included.  Cost$64.00

Paper making

November 12 10am-3pm

This class is designed for all levels.  You will learn to create simple sheets of paper from natural materials.  The class will focus on inclusions from pressed plants and flowers to  small objects like buttons and book pages.  Bring your bags of stuff.  Lunch will be included.  Paper size will be limited to 8″ x 10″—Larger format classes are available by request. Cost$90.00

Open Studio-Skill Share

10am-3pm / Free

Come and go as you please.  Bring a lunch and wear clothes that can get dirty.

My studio is always busy making and building.  I have multiple projects going all the time. (No time to watch paint dry)  On open studio days I publicize what the activity is that I am going to do for the day and invite you to come experience the process or watch.   The projects will range from fine art, outdoor living to cooking and crafts.

Oct 7th

Creating concrete berry arbors and walkway.  If you would like to know how to working concrete this is a good chance.

Nov 11th

Pulp making for paper making.  I will be cooking plants and mixing up batches of plant materials

Dec 9th

Eco Printing – Use plants to print on paper. The paper I create gets incorporated in all sorts of projects.







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