Consulting Services


  • Consulting
    1. Grant development– assist with development of ideas that will put your organization a head of the pack when competing for grants.
    2. Place making– help with combining the needs of the community and the goals and dreams of the public. This includes redevelopment and branding.
    3. Community building– help in development of community building events and programs. Specializing in outreach at is all inclusive not only within the public itself but with organizations creating partnerships that foster teamwork and unity.
    4. Public art design– help in design of art work that is installed in a public place that has a community element of outreach or education.
  • Program and Project Design
    1. Artful fundraising– design and development of a fundraising program that incorporates art as the mechanism to convey the message and collection of donations.  This is not, buy a brick or silent auction program.
    2. Artful marketing and promotions– design and development of marketing and promotional programs that use art as the vehicle to communicate the message. This moves your message past the simple sign, bill board or news paper ads. Make a direct connection with your patron or consumer.
    3. Art based education– design and develop educational programs using art as the teaching tool to convey academic and social lessons.  The programs can result in a permanent work of art, like a mural or sculpture.  The art is integrated rough out the program so that there is no division between the subject and the art.  They program can include visual or performing arts, video and Technology and social media.

Public art development and installation  This is a full program package service.  It includes custom designed public art project and project management.  The projects are designed to take account of the installation space and the people needs and the organizations goals.  The Possibilities are endless.




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