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Welcome to the Community Supported Kitchen

IMG_1580-1The Community Supported Kitchen (CSK) mission is to bring you handcrafted, healthy, organic, and sustainable products created in local kitchens.  The program is run from the Landry Gardens by Deborah Landry (her house, studio, and garden).  As the project grows, we will add community gardens, kitchens, and artists.  We have years of handcrafted and gourmet cooking experience.  This project is inspired by our friends who for years have told us that we should sell our culinary products.  We are passionate about handcrafted foods that are healthy and lift the spirit.

At the Landry Gardens we are constantly exploring permaculture and sustainability.  We have a grape vineyard, blueberry patch, and vegetable and herb gardens, as well as a beehive to pollinate them.  This spring we are adding tea plants, fruit trees, and mushrooms.  Each addition will inspire new possibilities in the kitchen.

How it Works

CSK is a monthly or bi-monthly program.  It is flexible so you can get as much or as little as you like.  There are eight categories and three price points.  I will send out a newsletter via email each month to let you know whats cooking, as well as whats in the pantry.   If you see that we have made something that would be great for your party your planning let us know immediately and we will insure you receive a larger quantity.  Each month we will build a box of goodies based on your preferences.

Jar Reward Program

Each month, when you pick up your new box of goodies, you will return jars and bottles that you received the previous month so the containers can be sanitized and reused.  When you return the containers you will be able to select an artful gift based on the quantity you return.  The containers are a valuable feature of the CSK program and a substantial investment.  It is important that they are returned to keep our prices low.

It’s understandable that you may give your goodies away as presents and not be able to return the container.  If this is the case, simply go to the A La Carte option at the bottom of this page and select either the jar or bottle reimbursement option from the drop-down list.  Please reimburse CSK so that we do not have to raise our prices.  You will receive an artful gift in your next CSK box when you reimburse us.

How to Order

Order by the 15th of each month to receive a box during the first week of the next month.  You can set up a monthly or bi-monthly recurring order if you would like.  This doesn’t mean you will be charged automatically every month.  By selecting the recurring option you are allowing us to figure out the volume of products we need for the following month and in turn we can better serve you.

Pick Up

Your box will be available for pick up on the first Sunday of each month between 2:00 and 5:00 PM at Landry Gardens in Lithia Springs, Georgia.  Alternate pick up times are available by appointment.


Delivery is available.  We will ship via US Postal Service at flat rate (currently $15.00 but subject to rate changes).  Inquire about special gift boxes, gift wrapping, and handmade cards if you want to send someone a present!

Gift Giving

You can order a box as a one time gift at any time.  If you enjoy giving handmade gifts through out the year to friends and family, I suggest getting Market or Harvest share. Let us know that you are interested in category 7 & 8 and put a request for artful gifts.  This way you will be able to create a collection of items you can give as gifts.  The monthly newsletter will show the Earth Connect Art and Non-Food but Kitchen Made products.  You can make special request anytime.  Example: Lets say I make beautiful fabric dyed with flowers and vegetables and you have a friend who is a quilter.  You can contact us and  ask for the collection.  Everything is first come first serve.


Listed below are the examples of what you can expect when you select a category.  Only the Pantry category item will be listed monthly by what’s in stock.  All other categories will be what is created or harvested fresh for that month.

1 – Pantry – Examples: salad dressing, homemade vinegar (from our garden grapes), infused oil and vinegar, spice rubs, flavored salts, soda syrup, salsa, jelly, hot sauce, jalapeño mustard, soup, and vegetable broth.  New items will be added monthly.

2 – Kombucha (8 Ounces) – Kombucha is slightly fermented tea rich in probiotics and low in sugar with many health benefits.  If you want a larger quantity you can order 17 ounces for an additional $10.00 or 34 ounces for an additional $20.00.  We are currently brewing black tea. Other flavors and larger quantities are available upon request.

3 – Dry and Baked Goods Examples: corn bread, wheat bread, sour dough, naan (flat bread), and crackers and noodles.  A different specialty each month.  The crackers are fresh and crazy good, more like good-for-you chips!

4 – Good-for-You Treats Examples: granola, date balls, cookies, and biscotti.  A different sweet each month!  Our treats are low in sugar and, when possible, are only sweetened with fruit.  For instance, we make date balls that include dates, non-sweetened coconut, and walnuts (the sweetness comes from the dates).  The date balls make the best hiking and biking snack, or a wonderful dessert.  We also make muffins using only homemade fruit butters in place of oil.  Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions, including gluten.  We’ll gladly step up to the challenge.

5 – Dog Treats – Examples: chicken jerky and hamburger patty bites.  We create dog treats and homemade food every month.  We thinly slice chicken breast and dry it in a food dryer to make jerky.  So natural that it can be eaten by humans.  Our ground chicken dry food is made from the same roasted chickens we make for our family dinners.

6 – Summer and Fall Harvest – Examples: fresh vegetables, sun dried tomatoes,  and fresh or dried herbs.  We will announce when this category is available, usually starting in June going through October.  When the growing season is in full swing, we suspect many of you will buy multiple shares in this category!  Last year we had tasty lettuce, crisp cucumbers, and a bumper crop of jalapeños.  We had enough tomatillos to make almost a gallon of salsa.  This year we’re also striving for garlic, ginger, blueberries, and summer and winter squash.  We’re also adding tea plants and a few fruit trees this year as well.  Plus, we’re expecting a great return on our bees so fresh honey, and goodies made with honey, will be offered.

7 – Earth Connected Art Examples: grapevine wreath, artist-created prints, eco-dyed fabric, View Art.  All the art will be food related, either using food to create the art or art to depict the food.  

8 – Non-Food but Kitchen-Made Examples: handcrafted soaps, lotions, lip balm, and beeswax candles.  


You can participate at the following levels.  It’s flexible!  If you want more on a given month, you can always opt to add items at that time.  Plus, we think you’ll be delighted by the frequent appearance of “extras” that we’ll offer — whenever we have a bumper crop of something or the mood strikes us to whip something experimental, we’re happy to share the bounty with our monthly subscribers as our way of saying “thank you.”  Substitutions are available for those of you with preferences or allergy restrictions.  Just ask!

Subscription levels:

Neighbor Share – $28/month or $308/year (enough for 2 people)

Includes 4-6 items, varies with what’s available from the garden and the size/volume of the pantry items. Sample: loaf homemade bread, salsa, spice apple muffins, trail mix, and an artful surprise. In the summer you might receive cucumbers, tomatoes, basil vinegar, homemade crackers, trail mix, and an artful surprise.  I promise you will get your moneys worth.  If I can only give you one cucumber I will make up the difference by giving you extra tomatoes.  

Market Share – $35/month or $385/year (enough for 3-4 people)

Includes everything in the Neighbor Share, but the volume or quantity will be larger.  Example: Instead of receiving a jelly jar of salsa you will get a pint.  Which will be enough for several weeks of snacks or a party.  

Harvest Share – $42/month or $462/year (enough for family or gift giving)

Includes all items from Market Share along with additional items, and a bonus homemade art item. 

Select and Pay

Remember to provide any dietary restrictions as well as select all the categories you like.  You may not get something from all your selected categories each month,  but by selecting the categories you prevent us from giving you something that you cant use at all.  We would hate to give you dog treats if you don’t have a dog or a loaf of bread if your gluten intolerant. 

Select Subscription
Would you like this to recur?
List diet, request & concerns
List your category preferences

A la Carte

Order individual items and pay for non-returned jars and bottles.

A la Carte
Kombucha Flavor Options

Thank You for Your Order




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