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  • Vendi Art Gallery- Supports Pollinators

    Vendi Art Gallery- Supports Pollinators

    VENDI ART GALLERY Vendi Art Gallery supports pollinators by dispensing art and Milkweed seeds. Pollinators are in danger because of human and environmental intervention.  This is a fun way to get information out to the public and support art.

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  • Vendi Art-Placemaking by Deborah Landry

    Vendi Art-Placemaking by Deborah Landry

    The Vendi Art Machine is designed to be a first step in place making.  By identifying your local artist you are identifying  one of  major asset and primary building block for designing  a sustainable community.    It  facilitates in defining  unique public spaces and starts a public dialog, to craft a vision for the future.  It  inspires people to create art and re-image their community. Vendi Art Machine helps  build a  connection between people and the places they share. It showcases […]

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