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  • Steam Roller Print

    Steam Roller Print

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  • Health Advocacy

    Health Advocacy

    A collaborative project where the public was invited to create a painting that was permanently installed in their work space.

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  • Street Banners

    Street Banners

    Deborah received a Vibrant Communities Grant to work with the Boys and Girls Club in Dallas GA.  The students learned how art can play an important part in revitalizing a city.  In the class they learned about the inner workings of what makes a city.  The students toured the historic district to see the changes.   They learned why the streets were narrowed and sidewalks widened. The students were asked to create artwork that expressed the skills, talents and passions […]

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  • Operation Art

    Operation Art

    Operation Art is a non profit program run by Engaging Arts.  The program enables veterans to work beside working artist.  It provides job and life skill training in the arts for free. But more importantly it provides a positive, peaceful and inspiring place to learn new skills and explore everything art. We have the technology and tools to support any passion.   We can work around any limitation and challenge.  Please come by and explore the studio and speak with Deborah Landry. […]

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  • Cancer Ribbon

    Cancer Ribbon

      Cancer Ribbon – A Collaborative Expression of Hope This was a community based public art project that involved five different paintings, created at five different location.   They were created in conjunction with the Fulton County Health Fair.    Each ribbon painting has different colors and text.  The paintings were created by the public with artist Deborah Landry’s guidance. The public was invited to paint and write words of hope.  The backgrounds were created by having the pubic write messages […]

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  • Movie – Together We Make a River

    Movie – Together We Make a River

      ___________________________________________________________________________    Together We Make A River  – Drawings were created by the public to tell a story of birds, butterflies and other flying things coming together to making a river.  Each drawing is photographed with a blue satin ribbon (The ribbon representing water).  With each flying thing’s ribbon combined create the Sweet Water river in Georgia. Together We Make A River is a collaborative community based movie.  I first held workshops where the public was invited to create drawings on vellum. […]

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  • Natural Street Art

    Natural Street Art

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  • Participate here

    Participate here

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  • Support Pollinators

    Support Pollinators

    Support Pollinators –A Vendi  Art by Deborah Landry Birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals that pollinate plants are responsible for bringing us one out of every three bites of food. They also sustain our ecosystems and produce our natural resources by helping plants reproduce. Without the actions of pollinators agricultural economies, our food supply, and surrounding landscapes would collapse. www.Pollinator.org “Bees and Butterflies” is a Vendi  Art Gallery Project designed to Bring awareness to the public about pollinators.  […]

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  • Earth Family

    Earth Family

    EARTH FAMILY by Deborah Landry Proposal: Part 1: I propose creating a sculpture of large picture frames and install them outside in public places, throughout the city.  The public would be encouraged to interact with the sculpture, take picture of themselves and others. Part 2: The Public would then upload them to a website where their image would be added to a tree. The tree would become the worlds larges family tree. The public would be able look them self up […]

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