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  • Serious Funny Money

    Serious Funny Money

    Dollar Examples     Serious Funny Money is a fundraiser program where the artist design different dollar bills in different denomination to be sold to the public.  The dollar bills are small frame-able and collectible artworks.  The project is inspired by the idea that art can be used as a tool and be used creatively to address and solve life challenges.  This project is not just about artist donating artwork to support a cause.  The ultimate vision is that artist […]

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  • Artful Fundraising –Worksheet

    Artful Fundraising –Worksheet

    MISSION:  Artful fundraising is designed to look past grants and panhandling, and the corporations in your community to give to your cause.  We create fundraising programs that enrich the community and inspire generosity through the use of art.  Our goal is to create a program that is sustainable financially as well as operationally.   (invent the wheel once and let it role).   The following questions will help me guide you. Describe your fundraising need. Describe the mission of your organization. Describe […]

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