Cancer Ribbon

IMG_1441 3x4 72dpi

At the Start of the Day

IMG_1443 3x4 72dpi

At the End of the Day


Cancer Ribbon – A Collaborative Expression of Hope

This was a community based public art project that involved five different paintings, created at five different location.   They were created in conjunction with the Fulton County Health Fair.    Each ribbon painting has different colors and text.  The paintings were created by the public with artist Deborah Landry’s guidance. The public was invited to paint and write words of hope.  The backgrounds were created by having the pubic write messages on decorative tissue paper.  The public then collage their quote on to the background.  This process created a rich, colorful and powerful expression of all the people who attended.

After each event the painting was permanently installed in the build in which it was created.

LOCATIONS:Fulton County Government Center,Hill Children Adolescent Facility,Fulton County North Service Center,Fulton County South Service Center , Adamsville Health Center



IMG_1451 4x6 73dpi






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