Be an Artist

Be an artist in the Vendi Art Gallery and join the Vendi Art family by downloading images of your art.

The Vendi Art Machine is a artist run program that introduces art and artist to the public.  It is free and easy for artist to take part. Just fill out the form and upload your images.

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The machines are designed to dispense stickers, vinyl, decals and transfers.  For the most part, artist work will be available in all the machines except on occasions we will create spacial themed Vendi Art Spots based on location, events and or sponsors.   There are many artist and hundreds  of artwork per machine.  There will be no more than five multiples of any artwork per printing session.  The number of printing sessions depends on the traffic the machine receives.  There will be at least 4 printings a year.  The first week March, June, September and December.  You may return quarterly and provide new images.

The stickers and dispensed items are designed to promote you.  they will display the artist name, website or any contact information provided.  With each print run there will be a new social media campaign.  The Machines will be mapped and promoted.  You are welcome to take images and maps to create and or link to self promote as well.  Everything we do is for you.


Artist Entry Form

This form allows you to upload your artwork for free. By uploading your artwork you give Vendi Art permission to create stickers, decals or other transfers using your artwork. Your artwork will be dispensed along with other artist in the Vendi Art Machine. The machines are designed to be site specific based on location and the community it serves. Your artwork may not be distributed in every machine.
As you would like it to be printed on sticker
This will never be published. It will only be used by director in case of questions.
This will never be published. It will only be used to contact you with questions.
Link to be printed under your image, with the caption "More information about artist"
Please upload image with 300 DPI print resolution and Name the file with your full name and number image. (example: FirstLastName-1 and FirstLastName-2)
Tell us about your materials, process or something people should know. Also use this section to put additional links such as your ETSY store page.
A note to us, not to be published. Anything you wanted to say to us directly include here.
1) Uptown Artist Lofts 2) Artspace Newsletter 3) Artistic Endeavors by Deborah Landry
Deborah Landry sends out free art once a year. Please provide a mailing address if you would like to be added to the address book. At no point will this be shared.




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