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  • Zen Tangle Public Art Project

    Zen Tangle Public Art Project

    Create a Zentagle and I will add it to a public art project. This artwork was created as part of a life skills class to teach middle school students how to handle everyday situations.  One of the 10 classes was a lesson on creating Zen Tangles as a way to meditate and deal with stress.  The Zen Tangles were create in with black pen.  They color was added later in Photoshop in a process of layering all the drawings to […]

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  • Instructions Decals and Transfers

    Instructions Decals and Transfers

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING Lazertran-Waterslide Decal and Transfer  WATER BASED ADHESIVE METHOD. FOR PAPER OR CANVAS. 1. Stretch your paper or canvas over a flat board. Prime canvas with acrylic primer and for paper, seal with clear acrylic medium to avoid cockling and increase mobility of the transfer. Watered down P.V.A. may be used instead of acrylic. Note. Acrylic can be any good quality flexible medium, Liquitex, Spectrum, etc. 2. Trim your image to size and lower, into clean water. The […]

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  • Main Gallery – Deborah Landry

    Main Gallery – Deborah Landry

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  • Cancer Ribbon

    Cancer Ribbon

      Cancer Ribbon – A Collaborative Expression of Hope This was a community based public art project that involved five different paintings, created at five different location.   They were created in conjunction with the Fulton County Health Fair.    Each ribbon painting has different colors and text.  The paintings were created by the public with artist Deborah Landry’s guidance. The public was invited to paint and write words of hope.  The backgrounds were created by having the pubic write messages […]

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  • Installation – Art in water

    Installation – Art in water

    When I was moving from Indiana to Georgia I had things left over on my studio that were remnants of past projects.  I was inspired to create installations in nature as a way to get rid of them.  In the process they became free gifts to anyone passing by and lucky enough to find them.

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  • Life Skills Movie

    Life Skills Movie

    The Story of Susie is a story and film created by students during a life skills class called “Value Art – Live Substance Free”.  The students created the artwork and then it was consolidated to create the film.  The program was design by Deborah Landry and was funded by Lake County Substance Abuse Council with partnerships with University of Northwest Indiana and South Shore Art.

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  • Gallery – Thread Paints and Prints

    Gallery – Thread Paints and Prints

    This body of work is inspired by the small needle works we treasure, pass down to family, only to be put in a box and stored for the next generation.  I like to think that I am making these things contemporary and in turn timeless.  Freeing  them from the dust and allowing them to be seen and appreciated once again.  I do not consider this up-cycling, because in most cases the fiber objects, I create or find are filled with […]

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  • Movie – Together We Make a River

    Movie – Together We Make a River

      ___________________________________________________________________________    Together We Make A River  – Drawings were created by the public to tell a story of birds, butterflies and other flying things coming together to making a river.  Each drawing is photographed with a blue satin ribbon (The ribbon representing water).  With each flying thing’s ribbon combined create the Sweet Water river in Georgia. Together We Make A River is a collaborative community based movie.  I first held workshops where the public was invited to create drawings on vellum. […]

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  • Project Gallery

    Project Gallery

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  • Patterns, Color Pages, and Stencils

    Patterns, Color Pages, and Stencils

    I often draw from nature for inspiration.  These designs were created in the process of creating more complex artworks. They came from stencils, embroidery,  and silk screens.    

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