Deborah Landry

Deborah Landry is a creative visionary using art to engage and transform communities. She serves as a partner to clients who are focused on economic development , place making , and education with sustainability, environmental and social concerns. She Integrates art seamlessly into everything, including marketing, education, fundraising, economic development and place making.

Deborah specializing in creative transformation of mission critical objectives into programs that are sustainable financially as well as operationally. She develops programs that integrate community involvement with an artistic process, resulting in a artful outcome. The artful outcome can be either permanent or temporary, sculptures or murals. They often include an educational, marketing or fundraising component.

Deborah offers public art consultation to help define artful goals, missions, and find assets as well as partners that are often overlooked. She will help you develop artful strategies that use capital improvement, corporate and private funding. She works with public and non-profit groups to create a win-win return on investment, time and labor.

When you ArtUP everything you do, you can transform your connection with your clients, customers, and community by creating a lasting engaging experience. You will never overlook the power of art again. Artful transformation could be what your missing in reaching your goals and visions.




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