About Vendi Art

The Vendi Art Machine is a artist run program that introduces art and artist to the public.  The machine is custom designed to be site specific based on location and community it will serve.  Artist can participate in the program free by uploading their artwork images to the website.

The machines are designed to dispense stickers, vinyl, decals and transfers.  As well as signed original art and artist trading cards.

The dispensed items  display the artist name and website at the top and the sponsors information at the bottom.

Use Vendi Art to Promote City, Happening, Place or Event

Customized message on sticker

Work with artist to customize machine to support your message

Customized literature to go with your Vendi Machine

Promote Art and Artist

Customized collection of artwork this can be themed.  For example it could be artwork about cycling displayed at a bike store or animals, displayed at a pet store.

Customized theme and call to artist

Make a place

Install a machine

Machine and it’s location are mapped

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